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Monday, May 24, 2010

AGGIES spearheads Centennial Celebration for June 2010

For the month of June, the College of Agriculture will spearhead the CMU Centennial Celebration. This will also be in coordination with its 58th AGGIES FOUNDATION CELEBRATION. These are the tentative sked:

June 7-11 Educational Exhibits, Research Seminar Series 1
June 15-18 Educational Exhibits, Research Seminar Series 2

June 22: Thanksgiving Mass, Parade, Opening Program, Opening of
Trade Fair/Bazaar, On-going Exhibits/Products Demo, CA
Acquaintance Party & Installation of COASCO Officers
June 23: On-going Trade Fair/Bazaar, "AGGIES GOT TALENT" Variety
June 24: "Open House" by Department, Start of ROCK WALL CLIMBING,
Skills Competition I for NORMINFAS (Rodeo Skills, Feed
Formulation, Estimating Live Weight, Farming System
Modeling, On-the-spot Essay Writing Contest, Battle of
the Brains, Extemporaneous Speech, FACULTY FOLLIES,
Awarding of Outstanding Alumni
June 25: Farmers' Market, Free Experts Consultation, Field Tours
to Different Laboratories/Projects, Symposium, Amazing
Centennial Race, Skills Competition II for NORMINFAS
(Dish Garden Exhibition, Fertilizer Computation, Plant
Propagation, Seed/Insect/Pest Identification), FIESTA SA
AGGIES, Closing Program/Lunch Fellowship, Awarding of
Skills Competition Winners

For inquiries, you may email:

FYI: Committee on Promotions
College of Agriculture Centennial Celebration