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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CMU Centennial Parade

This will be on Sept 16, 2010 at 9:00 am.

General Guidelines
1. The parade & float competition is open to academic & student organizations in CMU. Non-academic units of CMU, government agencies, & private companies outside of CMU are welcome as non-competing entries;
2. All participating units shall make a float within the general concept of the centennial theme --> "CMU at 100: Reminiscing the Past, Celebrating the Present, Creating the Future";
3. All participating units/float entries must be officially registered with the Centennial Parade Committee on or before Aug 23, 2010. Vehicles with no entry numbers will not be allowed to participate;
4. Each unit shall be identified by 2'x3' (in feet) placard stating the entry number and name of unit;
5. Only 1 vehicle will be allowed per unit. No large vehicles (e.g. elf, 6- or 10-wheelers) will be allowed during the parade. Only pick-up trucks (light motor vehicles with open top-rear cargo area) or other types of similar size will be allowed to participate. The float must not be wider than one of traffic since there will be 7 very sharp turns in the parade route. (Vehicles with low smoke emission are highly recommended.);
6. "Walkers" or pedestrian with a float entry, or walking units must not exceed 100 people.

Specific Guidelines
1. Registration fee is PhP 1,000.00;
2. The concept of the float shall be left to the discretion of each unit but emphasis shall be given to the theme;
3. Distribution of candies or promotional items is strongly discouraged for competing entries. (The Centennial Parade Committee reserves the right to confiscate products or implement immediate withdrawal of any parade participant if it is deemed that distribution of items by a participating unit is adversely affecting parade flow or compromising parade safety);
4. The use of "live" animals, as well as, children below 7 years old is strictly discouraged. A 5-point deduction from the total consolidated score of the judges for violation of this provision shall be imposed;
5. The use of flammable materials such as fireworks and pyrotechnics as part of the float and parade is strictly prohibited. A 5-point deduction from the total consolidated score of the judges for violation of this provision shall be imposed.
Dr. Joe Obedencio, Jr.
Chair, Centennial Parade Committee

P.S. The complete Criteria for the Centennial Parade & Float Competition
1. Overall effect of presentation (overall effective presentation of the float including presentation during the parade, active & enthusiastic participation of walkers) = 25%
2. Workmanship (craftsmanship of the float creation, details in design & creation of float with effective use of colors and materials) = 25%
3. Parade theme (how well the float design concept is attuned to the theme of the centennial) = 25%
4. Originality (the creativeness and uniqueness of concept of the float design) = 25%
TOTAL = 100%

Note: if you wish to participate and needs a copy of the official registration form, just email us at (fyi: blog mod)