CMU alumni, friends, and the whole community

if we want to see CMU grow, we must all take part in nurturing it, in whatever way we can. we need one another to grow.
we need everyone for CMU to indeed become a global university soon...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the proposed centennial landmark

CMU is celebrating its great history this year, and in doing so, also creating history. To cement it, Engrs. Acma, Agbayani, and Pamisa, as well as, Architect Mabilin designed a centennial landmark that will be built this year near the administration building. The design is intricate, the details have meanings. See it rise until it shall be fully established come September this year.

Every milestone has to be celebrated.
Every distance needs to be marked.
Then we set new goals again.
For the future.

the development of a community can also be measured on its cultural growth. cmu is known for its passion for music, dances, and other forms of performances. the resident cultural troupe is called bidlisiw. here's a sample of their performance on the night of feb 1 dubbed "talents unlimited: let's celebrate!"

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

some pics from feb 1 (opening salvo)

something old, something new. but one thing is for sure, you do miss CMU.

the university is growing, vertically and horizontally.

some students are more daring and so we hope that the community is more open-minded and welcoming. there are more buildings now in campus than before.

most of the campus pathways are now paved. hence, the campus is a lot noisier these days because there are more vehicles in campus.

accordingly, you are definitely in cmu if: "gapatunga ang mga estudyante sa dalan ug gapadaplin ang mga sakyanan..."

but we still enjoy the sight of cowboys on horses.

new thinking. new directions. but all in all, we hope for the same vision - a great university. a global university.

soon. sooner. soonest.

feb 9 was a success!

thanks to all who went to the FTC yesterday, who became part of CMU's 100th year history. the seminar series had a good line up of speakers on 3 fields of knowledge: anthropology, psychology, and biodiversity.

kudos to the sponsors!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

CMU Centennial Outstanding Alumni Awards

this is an advanced announcement that this year, we will be doing a search and then announcement of the outstanding CMU alumni for its centennial year celebration on September this year. outstanding alumni will be chosen for various categories. keep posted for the next announcements.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

University Centennial Seminar Series starts on Feb 9...

CMU continues to be committed to scholarly learning, so one of its major activities is the University Centennial Seminar Series. It will start tomorrow from 1 to 5 pm, Feb 9 (Tuesday) at the Farmers' Training Center (FTC). The speakers include:

1. Dr. Leo G. Labrador: "Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing-Integrative Group Intervention Among Children Exposed to Armed Conflict in Mindanao"
2. Dr. Vellorimo J. Suminguit: "Viewing Ethnohistory of Bukidnon Through Documentation of Cultural Artifacts of CMU Museum"
3. Dr. Michael Kessler: "200 Years After Alexander Von Humboldt: What Have We Learned and What Remains to be Learned in Tropical Biogeography?"
4. Dr. Grecebio Jonathan D. Alejandro: "Using Molecular Sequence Data to Resolve Taxonomic Conflicts: An Example in Some Philippine Rubiaceae"

It's free. Come one. Come all.
All these are sponsored by the following:

University Research Office, Biodiversity Research and Development Unit (BRDU), Social Science Research and Development Unit (SSRDU), and the College of Arts and Sciences - CMU