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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Centennial Seminar Series 2010 (cont.)

On June 17, 2010, Dr. Antonio C. Laurena of the Institute of Plant Breeding (IPB) of UP Los Banos will be the keynote speaker for the opening of the University In-house Review at the Farmers' Training Center. This is organized by the College of Agriculture Crop Research Unit and the University Research Office viz a viz the Centennial Seminar Series. Dr. Laurena will talk on "Biotechnology on Corn."

Other schedules are:

July 21: Dr. Emmanuel T. Baltazar, College of Veterinary Medicine
August 18: Drs. Penaranda, Jane Pasal Blancaver, and Rhodora Cabunillas (sponsored
by the College of Nursing)

More updates next when details are available.