CMU alumni, friends, and the whole community

if we want to see CMU grow, we must all take part in nurturing it, in whatever way we can. we need one another to grow.
we need everyone for CMU to indeed become a global university soon...

Thursday, February 4, 2010


cmu is now a 9-college + a graduate school academe. for those who have been away for quite some time, the univ now has a college of nursing and a college of commerce and accountancy. very recently, 19 takers of the nursing board all passed. 100% passing! kudos! similarly, 9 takers for the cpa also all passed. another 100%!
there had been many rewards and recognitions. these are just a few variables of cmu's growth. we are counting on the commitment of the alumni and cmu friends to help us realize some of the projects we are cooking up this year!

keep posted.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We opened with a bang on Feb 1

it was a grand opening salvo! many had raved about it. so we are glad. it is just the start of many things we will all do to honor CMU and everyone who is part of its history. 100 years? wow, it seems forever but we can only say that the second chapter of CMU's history will just be written. and it should be our concerted effort.

so we say: good job CMU and keep on. go more distance. reach higher.