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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Disabling comments

Dear All,
Although we appreciate your active involvement in the polls, there are a few things that we need to set right. Many comments are truly below the belt and trash language is not acceptable. As either CMU alumni or present constituents, do our comments reflect the culture and social graces of this university?
Hope not. So, we will be tracking the comments for the next 10 minutes. After which, we will decide if we will disable posting of comments.

Update: we have disabled posting of comments. :(



In a few hours, the online polls for Mr. and Ms. CMU Centennial will close. The winners (highest votes) will be cited as the Voters' Choices for Mr. and Ms. CMU Centennial. Congratulations!

Later this week, we hope to post some pics from the Search for Mr. & Ms. CMU Centennial. Thanks for your participation and Cheers!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Search for Mr. CMU Centennial

This is the official start of the online voting for Mr. CMU Centennial.( Place your cursor on top of the pic, right click and choose view image to have a closer look at the candidates for Mr. CMU Centennial.) Cheers!

On the left hand corner of this blog, please cast your vote! Thanks.

Voters' Choice for Mr. Centennial was Candidate # 8 (1204 votes from 3675 total votes).

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Candidates for the Ms. CMU Centennial

This is the start of the on-line voting for Ms. CMU Centennial. There are no information provided, i.e. names and units represented to avoid bias. Please use the poll on the left hand corner of this blog. Many thanks for your participation. We will open the on-line poll for Mr. CMU Centennial later today.

Tip: to view the candidates closely, place your cursor on the picture and make a right click then chose view image. Cheers!

Voters' Choice for Ms. CMU Centennial is Candidate # 2 (with 1096 votes of the 4023 total). Congratulations!

On Line Poll (Vote) for Mr. & Ms. CMU Centennial

We will start the online poll tomorrow. For your advance information.